DTF Prints 12x12

DTF Prints 12x12

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 Price is $2.00 per print Based on a 12"x12" area.

What File Types Should I Use When Uploading My Artwork?
C&G Athletics and Apparel will not charge for any file or art setup, however, we prefer vector art for best reproduction quality.
The following are also acceptable.
All Acceptable Artwork File Formats:
Vector types AI, .SVG, .EPS,
High Resolution image types .PSD, .PNG, .JPG
(150 ppi or better)
*Please refrain from sending screenshots as they will not produce high quality prints and will often be pixelated (fuzzy/blurry).

 Should I Upload My Art In Standard Or Mirrored Format?
You can send over your art standard format, our programs auto mirror for DTF prints.

Can You Clean My Artwork Or Remove Background?
Yes, our designer can clean up most artwork and/or remove backgrounds. Files should be sent in a high resolution format.
Any special requests, such as remove a background, change the color, etc., can be left in the note box for our designer.

Can I Have Multiple Designs And Sizes On 1 Gang Sheet?
Yes, you can have multiple designs and sizes on one gang sheet. It’s a great solution to get multiple designs and variations of sizes all printed together conveniently for you.
Our gang sheets come in the following of size:  22 Inches by Up to 300  Feet

What Size Transfers Should I Order For Youth and Adult Shirts?
We size our images to fit the shirt size. Just let us know what size shirt you need each transfer to go on and we will size as follows:
Children and Babies:
Under 6 months 3x3”
6-9 months 5x5”
18 months and older 6x6”

Youth Sizing:
Extra Small - M 8x8”
Large - Extra Large 10x10”

Adult Sizing:
Small-Medium 10x10”
Large-XL 11x11”
2XL - 4XL 13x13”
5XL - 6XL 14x14”

Left Chest size standard is 4x4“, chest pockets 3x3”

If you do not designate which size you would like we will automatically size them to 11x11”.

Can You Recreate/Create My Design And Is There A Fee?
C&G Athletics and Apparel will not charge you a design fee. We can recreate most items, and create custom designs for you. We will require a minimum of 2 weeks for
all graphic work, however, some designs will not take that long. A proof will be sent to you that must be approved before we go to print. 

Simply upload your design file and checkout. We print daily and will print and ship within 24 hours.

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